Porters demand separate parking lot


IMPHAL, May 5: Desperate cart drawn porters operating in and around market areas of Imphal city concerned over the restriction imposed upon them from entering the market areas has drawn the attention of the Chief Minister of Manipur demanding a separate parking area lot for themselves.

A memorandum in this regards has been submitted by the All Manipur Mutiya Workers`™ Union, Imphal, to the Chief Minister.

The union in the memorandum claimed that the Mutiyas are working in the Imphal main market, particularly in Thangal Bazaar since independence for the betterment and upliftment of the general public and shops and establishment by way of transporting goods ranging from construction materials to essential commodities in the interest of the state and its people.

In the meantime, it lamented that they are the sole bread earners of their families loading and unloading goods in the service of the people irrespective of size and volume.

However the sudden imposition of restriction of Government to park their carts and enter Khwairamband bazaar has seriously affected the business communities and Mutiyas in particular and the public in general it said. They claimed that they are threatened by the police not to use the present parking area.

While citing the grievances being faced, the porter pleaded the Chief Minister to allow parking their carts near Bhairodan School, Dharmasala, Imphal and at the same time demand for a separate parking area for them within a short period.


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