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Remittance in Ukhrul town

From John K. Kaping
UKHRUL, May 02: It is considered that the most interesting news is the news of the coming of remittance (salary money) in Ukhrul town.

And today is to be one of those days for the people of Ukhrul as the remittance arrives in Ukhrul State Bank of India (SBI) for disbursal to the employees of the various departments located within Ukhrul District. The coming of Ukhrul remittence is not as simple or convenient comparing to other places of the state.

The process of storing or collecting the amount is done in a foolproof manner under tight security arrangement,as lifting the money packages from Ukhrul Somsai by Assam Rifles is carried out amidst tight security arrangement and then later stored in the UBI, Ukhrul branch.

The people of Ukhrul especially the government employees are so far considered to be the fortunate people. In hearing the news of the arrival of Ukhrul remmitence ,not only the government servant but the common men, farmers, skilled or un-skilled labourers and the businessmen, money lenders too have reasons to be elated as the money will be pilfered down through normal business, The UKhrul Departments` employees get the payment of the salaries for 3/4 months at a time and the employees too have differents forms of spending like clearing the dues in the shops, repayment of the loan amounts,interests for the families management .BUt normally for the people of Ukhrul in general leaving all problems aside,the best and fastest news is the news of coming or arriving of the remittence .



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