RPF salutes meira paibis of the state


IMPHAL, May 26: The proscribe Revolutionary Peoples Front, RPF, has called upon the women folk of the state to be ready for a third Nupi Lan in order to defeat forces which are trying to destabilise the entire system in Manipur.

Welcoming the coming of Meira Paibi Day, an RPF statement issued by T Leisemba secy. publicity said the day marks emergence of Meira Paibi movement wherein women fought suppressive action of the Indian security forces.

Saluting Meira Paibis who sacrificed their lives while fighting excessive action of the security forces, the RPF statement said courage of the Manipuri women is being exposed by two the women`™s war in the history known as Nupi Lan.

While asserting that attempts are being made by forces of the enemy to destroy women power in Manipur, the RPF also appealed the women folk to remain alert and be aware of the divide and rule policy being unleashed by India.

In the name of taking up development works, politicians and their colleagues of money mongers are befooling the people, the RPF alleged and maintained that all development works being taken up in Manipur are for the namesake only and development in its true sense is still a distant dream in this part of the world.

The RPF also appealed the general public specially the womenfolk to avoid taking part in India sponsored election in Manipur alleging that elections bring disunity amongst people and even to family members.


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