Sangngaikot reels under deprivation of benefits and development


From KaimuanthangLamka May 8: The people of Sangngaikot areas excoriated that they have not seen any light of development since the inception of the village. With development bypassing the area no government development schemes like the BRGF, IAY, SGSY, besides other are ever implemented to benefit the people. “What we heard of was the IAY schemes granted for 6 people in the areas since the last more than 27 years or so but that was only in paper and the money have been taken apparently by some one in power”, said chairman of the Kuki Womens Union, KWU, during her speech on the occasion of a One day Consultative Meeting on Development of Sangngaikot Td Block at Agape High School yesterday.The programme was organised jointly by KSO with the MDC of the area, Thangkai aiming to reason together about causes for the backwardness of the block since the last many years.The occasion was attended by 10 recently elected MDC’s including Churchandpur ADC chairman, Langkhanpau Guite, various chiefs of the area, leaders of students union, and the public attending in large number.The UZO president, GS Haupu who was also a special contractor took part in the occasion as a special guest.Leaders of the Sangngaikot, Haopi, Makhau and Tuining area chiefs association shared their views by saying that the area cannot developed at par with others due to having a deceitful MLA who does not care for the welfare and development of the public.Pointing out the various problems being faced by the people due to deplorable road conditions the Tuining areas chief association has said that only when the area have good and selflessly serving leaders for the public there will be real development.GS Haupu the UZO president during his speech criticized the Singngat area MLA for objecting the attempt made by people of the area to form a development committee which is the first step to move towards development.He questioned why there has not been any waiting shed atleast to be seen on the roadside while pointing out even a community hall which has been constructed with a sanction amount of of RS 15 Lakhs could not be completed.Disclosing that he will enter in the fray in the next general election and then work for real development if he is elected urged the gathering to support and test him.He further pointed out that for the construction of the Churachandpur to Sugnu Road only two crores have been sanction by the government and with that only 5 km will be blacktopped while for the remaining part of the road stretch he said he had proposes Rs 33 crores under the NLCPR and work will be carried out by next year.Further he warned the chiefs to be extra careful and to not simply give their signatures without knowing the reason.In the meantime, Langkhanpau ADC chairman has stated that education is the prerequisite for real development of any areas while pointing out the effort so far initiated by the MDC’s to ensure that all gets education.


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