Senapati college students come out against administration apathy


From Our CorrespondentUKHRUL, May 25: The Students` Union of Pettigrew College (SUPC) Ukhrul has locked the Principal’s office today, in protest against the acute lack of basic infra-structures in the institution including power and water supply since the past eight nine months.
The general secretary of the union, MK Miya along with other representatives of the student while interacting with some media persons today at the college premise has demanded immediate change of the Principal who has failed to redress the grievances of the students even after the student union had approached for immediate action regarding the problems faced by the students of the college.
The student body has further charged that due to the limited time notification of the principal’s office regarding the submission of exam form and the imposition of late fines, some of the students were unable to appear in the exams.
It has charged that the official notification from the principal’s office came out on Novemeber 10, 2010 notifying that the submission of exam forms without late fine will start from November 13, 2010 and that submissions with late fine will start from November 17.
 The union further demanded the conduct of regular classes in the college and provision of all University Grant Commission (UGC) sponsored facilities with UGC Network Resource Centre-Computor and internet centre offering basic computer course, free remedial coaching for ST/OBC students, career guidance and counselling cell for the students, stipends @ Rs 500/- PM to selected regular ST/SC students of BPL which is done only once, coaching classes for entry in Services (competitive exams) for ST/SC/OBC/ Minority students and study tours every year- the central projects though available are not functional in the college, the union added.
Further maintaining on the lack of infrastructure in the college the union has maintained that there are no toilets and urinals available in the college, and that there is no proper fencing of the college.
The union further added that the union has also submitted a memorandum to the state education minister to redress the grievances of the college.
Further briefing the media persons, the union has stated that the college also lacked lecturers and further warned that the union will be left with no other option other than drastic form of agitations in case of the government failing to respond to the student body.


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