State requests Nagaland CM to defer Senapati visit


IMPHAL, May 27: The state home department had urged and requested the Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio to defer his visit to Senapati tomorrow in an official letter.

According to a release issued by the Special Secretary Home, Government of Manipur this evening, the state government of Nagaland had informed the state that the Chief Minister, Nagaland proposes to visit Senapati district of the state tomorrow accompanied by some of his minister, MLAs and office bearers of the Nagaland People`™s Front (NPF) to launch Manipur state unit of the NPF.

The statement also mentioned that, the Manipur state cabinet met several times and assessed that given the highly volatile law and order situation in Manipur, particularly in Senapati district, this high profile visit with political agenda at this stage of the state is likely to disturb public peace and tranquility in the state and may lead to public agitation and blockade of NH-39. Any such blockade will lead to scarcity of essential commodities in Manipur. The state government is concerned that any NH-39 blockade at this stage will also disrupt the efforts of the FCI and IOC to build up buffer stocks before the heavy monsoon rains.

It is also further mentioned that, the next round of talks with UNC scheduled at Senapati district head quarter on May 30 this month may also be disrupted, creating further public discontent. These talks have been agreed from the Ministry of Home Affairs`™ Government of India have already conveyed their travel plans and are arriving at Imphal on coming Sunday. UNC delegation is also expected to travel by NH-39 to participate in the talks. Any NH-39 blockade will disrupt their travel plan.

The statement reminded that, the state government and people of the state are painfully aware of the crippling scarcity of rice and POL products for about six months during last year following blockade of both NH-39 and NH-53. The people of Manipur has gone through an extremely difficult phase during last year and the situation was normalized after concerted efforts of the state government in coordination with Government of India, FCI and IOC.

The release further mentioned that, due to the ongoing activities of various militants groups, the state police is already over-stretched and it would be extremely difficult to provide full-proof security to the Chief Minister of Nagaland who is placed in Z+ security category. Many Nagaland ministers, MP, MLAs and party office bearers are expected to accompany the Nagaland Chief Minister in his propose visit to Senapati district of the state tomorrow and his cabinet colleagues can spark violence and aggravate the law and order situation. It is, therefore, not consider advisable to allow the proposed visit at this stage.

The release of the state home department finally mentioned that considering the above, the chief minister of Nagaland has been urged and requested to defer his visit to Senapati tomorrow, it added.


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