Student bodies join hands to address SSA textbook scam


IMPHAL May 6: Four prominent student bodies of the state MSF, DESAM, AMSU and KSA has jointly alleged the Education department of being corrupted and for not paying heed to the needs of the students community.
Addressing a media briefing held at AMSU headquarters located at DM college campus today, general secretary of MSF Anish Shah alleged that the SSA textbooks which are meant for free distribution to the students of class 1 till the 8th standard has not been distributed as of yet.
He stated that the academic calendar have already commenced since the past two months but the students have not been given the text books, investigating the matter, the student unions conducted raids at the offices of the ZEO’s of four districts and seized the undistributed SSA books. The raids will be further conducted and the seized books will be distributed starting next Monday to the concerned schools.
Charging the SSA authorities of gross ignorance, he further stated that the department has violated the right of education of the students and many SSA officials are concerned only for carrying out construction of school infrastructure instead of distributing the books.
The student organizations demanded the concerned SSA authorities to clarify in the regard and further to announce when the textbooks will be distributed. If the SSA scheme cannot be properly implemented, then the concerned officers should resign immediately, or the future of more than 2,30,000 students will be ruined, he said.
AMSU general secretary N Deepanjit also demanded that aside from the SSA scam, the students still cannot avail the BOSEM textbooks, even as the Board announced that the printing presses have handed over the textbooks, the said books are still not available, he alleged that the quantity of the books to be printed has not been made in full, but just a small quantity has been printed just for show and to fool the public.
Further, he alleged that the whole responsibility for the lack of textbooks should be borne by the BOSEM as they are the one wholly responsible, the printing presses have been given the printing orders by BOSEM after scrutiny, and if the presses fail to deliver then the responsible body is the BOSEM for awarding supply order to the undeserving presses. At present 27 text books is still to arrive at BOSEM for distribution to the stores.
He stated that the BOSEM may have a hidden agenda for not making the books available and purposely victimizing the student community. The Board authorities should clarify on what grounds the books are unavailable in the stores or else resign from their posts on moral grounds, he said. 


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