Students attack BOSEM office with eggs and tomatoes


IMPHAL, May 10: Armed with tomatoes and eggs, student leaders today attacked the Board of Secondary Education Manipur office which is located at the high security Babupara area. Infuriated with the failure of the board to made available the prescribed books and SSA textbooks to the students in time, the students leaders converged in front of the BOSEM office today at around 1 pm and started throwing eggs and tomatoes towards the office.During the attack, vehicles parked inside the BOSEM office and walls of the BOSEM office were hit by the eggs and tomatoes.Some of the agitating students were later picked up by police from the spot and released later late in the afternoon. Soon after their release, the student leaders briefed mediaperson about today’s agitation at the office of the AMSU. Speaking at the press conference, assistant secretary general of DESAM Thoithoi Mangang said principal secretary Suresh Babu, and in charge chairmen of BOSEM should resign from his post if he is unable to make available SSA textbooks and prescribed books of the BOSEM by May 16.“Todays act was part of trying to disgrace the officials of the BOSEM”, he added.While speaking at the press conference, MSF general secretary Anas Shah said today’s agitation was only a beginning and if BOSEM fail to meet the deadline of the students demand, various forms of intense agitation would follow.In the meantime, assistant secretary publicity of KSA, Lancha Mangang said student’s bodies would have not launched today’s agitation had the BOSEM perform their responsibility in time and in a judicious manner. AMSU publicity secretary Anil said the current agitation being launched by the student bodies is a part of disgracing BOSEM officials for failing to perform their duties.


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