The Man Who Keeps His Promises


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press

Respected Sir,

This refers to the state chief minister Shri O .Ibobi Singh’s pronouncement in public at the session of Seva Dal Cadres organised by the Manipur Seva Dal on falgship programme of the Government earlier regarding regularisation of Medical personnels . His statement has come at the time when most contractual staffs tenure particularly under the NHRM are coming round the corner thus giving relief to them. Indeed under his stewardship so many flagship programmes have been exxperimented with a grand success . He has introduced a healthy living styles amongst the people by means of introduce many new projects related to health . As a result many unemployed people got employed on various basis and capacities. The conditions of hospitals particularly Ccpur improved tremendously in terms of infrastructures .

To name a few under the NRHM many new buildings and quarters within the premises of the district hospitals have been constructed since the last few years . Many PHC, PHSC buildings have come up even in a very remote and farflung areas of the district whwich has viidly proved that he has no differrence in setting up of development and health infrastructures . Under the same programme many have been recruited as an ASHA as well as JSY workers thus giving jobs to them . Ccpur distrcit hospital is the only in the state to have got ISO certification under his initiative.

So now if the contractual staffs are being regularised as he has said it will go a long way in the promotion of health for people of the state. Really he is the man who have translated his ideas into action and keep his word while it is to many people things are easy to say than done.

Whats your opinion in this regard Sir ?

Yours faithfully,
D Khuala Vaiphei
Churachandpur, Tualnuam


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