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The Next Generation

By Awmtea Sailo
Have you ever been in a Catch 22 situation? This is a place where no matter what you do, the outcome is going to be deadly!

A man caught between a steep cliff behind him and a gang of murderers with guns in front is in that situation. There is no going forward – he will be shot. If he steps back he will fall to his death.

Catch 22 – what should he do?!!

That’s the place, generation after generation of youngsters in Manipur, and from other places in the North East, find themselves in. They can’t stay in Manipur – there is not much to look forward to. No universities for higher learning. No professional courses and very few jobs available.

In short no future. They have to leave.

But when they leave they go to cities like Delhi. Where they are uprooted from family, on their own, making their own decisions, their own relationships, to follow their own value systems. More often than not the outcome is terrible.

So many, are trapped into drugs, mafias, money laundering, prostitution. So many, die of overdose, of AIDS. Suffering the pain of loneliness and broken relationships, some become suicidal.

Catch 22 – what should they do?

My name is Awmtea, from Churachandpur, Manipur, living in Munirka, New Delhi. A crowded, bustling corner of Delhi, full of young people from the North East New Delhi. Without family, in a hostile city, they end up as easy prey for anyone who cares to exploit fellow humans for their own gain. Many are jobless, addicted to hard-core drugs, and hopeless. They end up in the clutches of money laundering mafias, and prostitute rings. Along with a committed team, we have been working with these young people for the past two years.

There is one way out of a Catch 22 situation. When concerned people get involved to help out what seems to be an impossible situation. The man on the cliff needs a net to break his fall, he needs friends who will stand with him against those who would destroy him.

We look to come together and stand against these terrible consequences of alienation. We need to help make the difference so that future generations are not lost. To stand against the destructive forces of drugs, addictions, easy money etc so that we build healthy generations for the future.

We also plan a ‘net’ to help those in emergency situations. We will shortly be opening the Jesiah Community Centre. Here we will offer free consultation and hospital care for anyone from the North East especially, suffering from drug related diseases, such as TB, HIV/Aids. Through the week, people will be available to treat the sick, help those ready to detox, look for jobs, teach English or just cook and hang out together. Along with this there will be more than one open home for these young men and women.

Is your child coming to Delhi and needs help? Is someone here already and you are worried about them? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to connect with you and work together for the good of our young.

They deserve it.

(Please get in touch with us at jesiahcentre@gmail.com or phone 9818041859 or 9868911541)



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