The Unwelcome noise of Election


By  Khushi khuman“Use your voting right properly. Please vote for Sl. X , Miss / Mr. ABC for the coming election .  Elect him/her  as a representative of the public and make  her do some work for the public. Please give him/her your valuable vote. Please don’t forget  Sl. No. X, Miss/Mr. ABC “.
These are the only words the general public can hear now-a-days. Breaking the silence of the night ,these words comes from far and near as election comes nearer and nearer .Public hopes election to come as fast as it can so that they will be free from all this campaigning drama .Truly speaking, what’s the meaning of campaigning like this????
Candidate nominate themselves (in other places people /public nominate candidate but in ours, they do it themselves) thinking that they are one reliable, they are one dependable, one social work loving kind of person…. If they really believe they are , then can I ask something here???? Why are they giving such kind of stupid headache to the  public whom they act of loving and caring upto zenith… Why are they making so much noise that also not in morning, not in evening but in Night (Helloooo! I’m talking of hours like 00:00 hrs).Is this what they called being reasonable, being dependable, being reliable??? Oh! Come on please…  They don’t even know how to win the soft corner of people’s heart. They don’t even know how to win the public’s heart. They even don’t have the slightest idea about what’s the first thing that they should be giving the public. They don’t know what our public needs.. It’s not unworthy promises or cold/hot money but peace of mind in real that our public needs which also our public (try to) get at night….. Everyone wished of a peaceful land. Our public also wished of one… A peaceful land gives its people a peaceful thought. A peaceful thought will lead the way for the public to choose their right leader. If they go on campaigning (shouting) like this, I can say they are surely trying to confuse the public(voter). A voter will be meeting and facing number of candidates who will try to show their best (even if it is acting for the moment) and this will surely lead to confusion in the mind of the voter. A confused voter cannot and will not be able to choose the greatest leader. Everyone knows this and so does the candidate. And one funny thing (this is a secret readers, don’t tell this to candidates), in the process of —— votes if they go on campaigning like this they may even lose their reserved numbers of votes..Public wants peace. They need s peaceful mind. And they don’t really welcome all this sorts of campaigning at all.  Eligible candidates (according to my point of view) should not campaign at all. He should let the public judge him with a peaceful mind. As only a man with harmony and peace can judged what is right and what is wrong.. THE UNWELCOME NOISE OF ELECTION is a horrible thing which has become a competition among candidates and a new disease for the public which has no cure at all. If we have to judge our best leader in an honest and truthful way , then we should not get prompted by all these sorts of campaigning and we should not welcome them also. We are the masters of our own life and mind and we should be aware of the modern election campaign structure….Coz if somehow we are , we are just calling a USELESS FUTURE for ourself without no change at all……


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