Transporters pledge not to allow scarcity of foodgrains on their count


IMPHAL, May 29: Get together function of Foodgrains Transport Trucks Owner`™s and Driver`™s Association was held today Kyamgei Heibong Makhong.

During the function, Kh Inaoba of M/s Zimomi Traders, a tranport contractor under FCI, said scarcity of foodgrains is one major factor in creating serious law & order problem and hence procurement of foodgrains and its stockpiling is utmost necessity for a state.

M/s Zimomi Traders along with another sub-contractor of the FCI have managed to regularly transport rice through NH-53 after hiring about 200 private trucks. The duo sub-contractors have been trying its best to sufficiently piled up rice stocks for the state despite of numerous problems, threats and intimidations, Inaoba added.

While stating that ferrying trucks along NH-39 has caused numerous problems due to frequent disturbances either in the forms of bandh or blockade, Inaoba also said using NH-53 instead of NH-39 would fare much for the state.

He also said Imphal-Jiri route of the NH-53 has improved since last year but need much more to be improved to fully utilise the highway throughout the year.

He also appeal all the pressure groups not to create disturbance along NH-53 particularly to trucks ferrying foodgrains and other essential commodities for the general public.


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