VDF trainees allegedly manhandled by AR


From Kaimuanthang
Lamka May 2 : Two Village Defence Force , VDF, trainees from Churachanpur district identified as Paudaniel , 25, s/o Chungthang from Tinuom village and H Lamlalmuon ,21 , s/o late Ginlam of the same village were beaten black and blue by the 3rd AR personnels last saturday night at the village cemetery, late reports said.

Sources said the duo have been heading home after guarding the Zogal hall concert conducted by artist like Sadananda, Mandakini besides other artists .

On the day about 80 VDF have been used for security measures.
Sources said the duo was accosted by the AR at the cemetery asking who they are as they approached their village in full VDF uniform.

But the AR caught the two and then took them to their camp. On reaching their camp the two were blindfolded, whipped and were given third degree tortures .

The village chief called upon Churachanpur SDPO Lhunkhomang . The SDPO after finding their whereabout urged the army to release the two VDF personnel.

The village chief was able to take out the two from AR custody at about 2 am the next day only.

The two were severely injured and are undergoing medical treatment .

Sources said the KUKI Idol Winner Lienchung`™s wife was also beaten by the AR at the same places and many other also suffered the same fate there The incidents was condemned by one and all.


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