Villagers protest against shoddy and distracting plan of water supply


IMPHAL, May 7(NNN): Intensifying its lingering protest against shoddy and “distracting plan” of water supply line, Thungcheng villagers of Chandel district have “reaffirmed and pledged to cut off the NLCPR water supply line from Thungcheng village to Khambathel village.” This decision was taken in a plenary meeting of Thungcheng villagers under the chairmanship of its village chief which was jointly hosted by the village authority and the youth club. The village chief, president of Thungcheng Youth Club and sessional secretary, RL Bronson, BD Thumsing and WS Daniel respectively said that the decision was taken following indifference of the concerned authority despite constant reminder vis-à-vis the decrepit construction of the water supply line. “The main reservoir and treat tank was not constructed at Thungcheng village according to the request demand in 2008 which was deceivingly alternated with MNP separate tiny pipeline and substandard works of leakages and breakages,” the village leaders said. They seeking for the construction of the same at Thungcheng village itself which is merely a kilometer away from Khambathel village. They further complained that Thungcheng villagers were not provided water from the water supply line for the past twenty years which is a violation of basic human rights and disrespect to the ordeal of the villagers. The Thungcheng Youth Club alleged that the “distracting plan” of the department was carried out in “collusion” with certain village chief. The plenary meeting today has resolved to dismantle and excavate the pipelines if the rational demand is not met within one month time, warned the Thungcheng villagers.


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