Visarev investors seek action from Governor, Chief Minister


IMPHAL May 16: Seeking action from the state government to take up punitive measures against the perpetrators of pyramid schemes which has looted several crores from innocent investors of the state in recent times, Visarev Investors Association, a body in the hunt for the perpetrators and to book them under the law approached the Governor Gurbachan Jagat and Chief Minister O Ibobi to apprise them of the prevailing situation today.The core committee of the VIA also handed over memorandums to the two state heads urging action from the state as well as from the centre against the culprits involved in the crime.The team was led by convenor of VIA , N Prem and social worker K Satyajit.The memorandum mentions that the investors of the state deposited their money to the UNI Group of companies namely Visarev, Unipay 2 u, Unigold etc.It mentions that more than 3000 crores have been deposited to UNI group of companies since the middle of last year.It further stated that the company failed to return the investments for the last 7/8 months which has caused irreparable loss and injury to the depositors, further mentioning that such financial establishments are rather frauds and only there to siphoned off or divert money of the innocent depositors and as such a notorious abuse of faith for the innocent depositors.It mentions that all the top agents of the companies, who were earlier available in their respective offices and residences have also been untraceable since the end of last year without responding to the queries of the investors and as such the investors are left with no other option than to draw the attention of the state government.The memorandum urged the concerned government to protect the interest of the several lakhs of citizens who were duped by implementing the Tamil Nadu Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishment Act 1997 in Manipur by a state cabinet decision and to take up other remedial and preventive measures as deemed fit in the interest of justice.The memorandum will further be submitted to other ministers, MP’s and to the Union Home Department.It may be mentioned that IFP broke the news of the fraudulent scams in December, 2010. Since the expose, many top leaders of the companies in the state have absconded from the state and are reportedly seeking asylum elsewhere to avoid the ire of the depositors. The mastermind of the UNI Group is alleged to be one James, a resident of Malaysia. Till date, many top leaders including Kumar Kom, Victor, Rk Jiranjit are outside the state with their accumulated wealth from the pyramid schemes and the state has yet to take up any substantial actions in the regard.


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