Women victim families hurl incompetency charges at state police


IMPHAL, March 23: At least 14 women were murdered in the state since February 10, 2009 till April 1, 2011 and at least 21 cases of controversial suicide by women since October 18, 2009 till early 2011 have been reported, according a data provided by the Women Action for development (WAD).
However most of the cases whichinvolves women as victim have remained unsolved till date said the women’s body.
Concerned over these growing numbers of unnatural death of women and also children in the state of which many cases remained either delayed or fail to make any headway with the investigation, the Conflict Widow Forum and victim’s family of the crimes staged a sit in protest at Kakwa bazaar, Imphal demanding justice.
During the protest the women group also expressed the urgent need to introduce a policy for women in conflict situation and other unwanted incident.
Moreover it decried the incompetence of police personnel while conducting investigation in the cases.
According to Ningombam Bimola mother of late Irom Ongbi Ningombam Tombisana, a victim of suspicious death, denounced the total incompetence of the police while conducting the investigation of her daughter’s death. She claimed that the police have failed to provide any clue in connection with the death of her daughter.
Condemning the delay in the justice delivery system of the police, Bimola appealed the concerned authority to intervene into the matter.
Sobita Mangsatabam, secretary WAD, stress the need for the government to introduce a policy for the benefit of women in conflict situation and against unwanted incident.
She maintained that a fear psychosis has prevailed among the weaker section due to the unabated crimes.
The WAD secretary further observed that the police have completely failed in dealing with cases relating to crime against women and children owing to lack of sensitization and proper training on such investigations.
At the same time while alleging the police of becoming a corrupt force, she draw the attention of the Government to respect the rights of the women.
The women protestors displayed placards during the sit in demonstration which reads “We want real taste of democracy not smell”, “Protection of women and children should be the high priority of the Government”, “We give birth not to kill or die”, Dismiss the irresponsible police officers”, “Stop hanging after killing” and “Treat Women humanely, love them and care them” etc.


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