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Child rights activists decry police conduct in rape case

IMPHAL, June 29: Child rights activists have decried the police conduct in a rape case of a 12 year old girl on June 24.

Referring to the incident when a young girl was allegedly raped by Chanchui Luithui, 41of Langdang under Ukhrul district near Ukhrul Central Jail at around 8.30 pm on June 24 and his subsequent death at the hands of an angry mob, Wungmakhok V Zimik, Co-ordinator, Ukhrul District Alliance for Child Rights informed that the mob violence which killed the perpetrator was unfortunate, however the conduct of the police taking the young girl to the Uknrul hospital at night is even more unfortunate and in fact condemnable.

Speaking to mediapersons during a press conference at the Hotel Imphal yesterday, Wungmakhok further maintained that the police kept the child in police custody after she was discharged from the hospital and dropped her home only at around 2.30 am.

The 12 year old had already suffered from trauma after she had witnessed the subsequent death of her perpetrator at the hands of the angry mob and to take her along with the dead body of the accused for further test only added to her trauma, Wungmakhok added.

The girl was further made to stay at a hotel in the North AOC area after her medical test at the hospital, Wungmakhok maintained before adding that the taking of the girl by the police personnel in full uniform and arms violates the Juvenile Justice Act.

Convenor Manipur Alliance for Child Rights Keisham Pradipkumar also attended the conference.

He said that if a child is a rape victim then all required test should be conducted within 24 hours of the incident and that the act of the police making the girl to stay in a hotel instead of handing her over to a child welfare committee is a serious matter.



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