Clarion call for unity and sense of nationalism rings out loud at UCM observation


General public paying floral tributes at the Memorial complex of June 18 at Kekrupat.
General public paying floral tributes at the Memorial complex of June 18 at Kekrupat.
IMPHAL, June 18: Implicating that the tripartite talk for the so called “alternative arrangement” of the United Naga Council (UNC) has hidden agenda threatening the territorial integrity of Manipur, the United Committee Manipur has urged the government to stay away from the talk during its 10th Great June uprising observation today at Kekrupat Memorial Complex.

Thousands of people turned out to pay befitting floral tributes at the Khekrupat memorial complex of the 18 martyrs, who laid down their lives when security forces resorted to firing during an agitation against the extension of the ceasefire between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) without territorial limit on June 18, 2001.

Besides family members of the victims and the general public, Lok Sabha MP, Dr. T. Meinya, agriculture minister Ph. Parijat, MLA O. Landhoni, MLA Ng. Bijoy, intellects, various civil societies operating in the state, community leaders were amongst those who paid floral tribute at the memorial site in the morning today.

The United Committee Manipur, UCM and the All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO) organized two separate observations in reminiscence of the day at the Kekhpat Memorial complex and at the THAU ground respectively.

The UCM organised, 10th Great June Uprising was held at the Kekrupat Ground and was presided by various leaders cutting across communities and other leaders of civil bodies which included Kuki Innpi Manipur, HERICOUN, Kharam Tribe Union, Chote Tribe Union, Kabui Mothers Association, Kuki Women’s Organistion Manipur (KWOM), AMKIL, CHITUWA, etc.

Speaking at the observation various leaders gave clarion call to the people living in the state for building a solid sense of nationalism.

Delivering his speech the president of the UCM, Yumnamcha Dilip, contended that the government of India is relentlessly using its ultimate dividing and communal forces against the people of Manipur.

He urged the people to be aware and to remain alert of the sinister design of the Indian government and be ready to confront it unitedly.

Yumnacha Dilipcha contended that the tripartite talk base on the demand of the so called “alternative arrangement” of the UNC has some hidden agenda intimidating the territorial integrity of Manipur and further opined that the UCM is oppose to such a treacherous demand.

Urging the Manipur government to stay away totally from such talk the UCM further alleged that the UNC is a mouth piece of the NSCN-IM.

The UCM president also anticipated that the political party based in Nagaland, the Naga People Front, which recently launched at Senapati district of the state by Nagaland Chief Minister will do nothing good to improve the communal harmony but rather work against the will of the people.

Drawing the attention of the government he stated that the government needs to show their sincere commitment in bringing a solution to the vexed issue of insurgency in the state instead of staging staged play surrender programmes.

Terming the issue of insurgency as a political one he observed that the idea of the government combating the menace using forces by arming more security forces will not bring any solution.

The UCM president further stressed the need to impose the inner line permit before unwanted situation prevail in the state owing to the migrant influx.

Kakomlunglu Kamei president, KAMA, maintained that the word unity has always been the pet subject of many observation and occasion but no pragmatic measure has been seen so far.

She urged the urgent need of building up unity instead of worthless uses of the word.

Taking the opportunity of the occasion the KAMA president mentioned that despite universally accepted saying that education is the back bone of the society, the education scenario remain unstable in the state due to the frequent transfer and postings of teachers, she added. 

Delivering the key note address, K. Langamba alleged that there has been no peace in sight so far on the peace talk between the NSCN-IM and GOI but instead compromising the peace in the entire Northeastern Region especially between Nagaland and Manipur. He claimed that apprehension is looming large on credibility and its continuity of the talk and stated it could derail the existing peace and tranquility between the two states.

K. Langamba further stated the Government of India should be responsible for any unwanted incident arising due to the talk. At the same time, he stressed the need to introduce a territorial integrity policy by the Manipur government.

Stating that the Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphu Rio has lost his respects and regards among the Manipuri people, alleged that his recent visit apparently was on Muivah’s insistence.

He further insisted the government to stay away from the UNC tripartite talk instead of postponing it adding he interpret the talks as threat to territorial integrity of Manipur. He also alleged that the UNC is a pet of the NSCN-IM.

While questioning reason for the consistent imposition of AFSPA he said that Sharmila could not have been on the fast for more than a decade if the GOI respects democratic and non-violent movement. He further urged the government to strictly pressure the militant groups under the suspension of operation and NCSN-IM to stick to the ground rules. 


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