DPC faced candidates threaten 36 hours general strike


IMPHAL June 5: The Havildar and CRTO DPC faced candidates Association, 2008 in a press conference held at Majorkhul community hall today stated that if the results of the DPC are not announced by the state government before June 8, then the association will launch a statewide general strike beginning from June 9 from 5 in the morning till June 10 evening for a total of 36 hours.Addressing mediapersons during the conference, convenor of the association K Rajesh stated that on July 26, 2008, NPTS conducted a recruitment rally of havildars/CRTO and the viva voice was held on April 26, 2010 however till date, the results have not been announced by the state government. The association also submitted a memorandum on March 1, 2011 and the issue was raised in the Manipur Assembly by MLA Rk Anand, and the Chief Minister had also replied to the query saying that the results will be announced soon.He further added that the delay of the government has caused untold sufferings to the appeared candidates and further questioned why the results have not been announced as of yet and what complications are faced by the responsible department.He said that without announcing the results, new drivers for the police/ MR/ IRB /VDF and women police have been announced and training has been already conducted, he stated that the issue has been neglected by the state authorities. The DPC faced candidates have immensely suffered due to the delay in the declaring the results and as such appealed the government to announce the results before the set deadline of the association.


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