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DPC faced Havildar and CRTO to call 36 hours statewide general strike

IMPHAL, June 8: Havildar & CRTO, DPC faced candidate under the state police department along with the Havildar &  CRTO, DPC faced candidate’s guardian association have threatened to call statewide 36 hours general strike with effect from 6 am of June 9 till 6pm of June 10 in case state government fails to declare the pending DCP result as of today.
According to a release of the association, the decision to call 36 hours statewide general strike was arrived during a joint meeting of the two associations held yesterday at Majorkhul Community hall.
The release also mentioned that candidates who appeared in the recruitment rally held on July 26, 2008 at MPTS Pangie and those who have faced Viva-Voce for the said recruitment held on August 26 last year remained frustrated due to government’s failure to declare results for quite a long period.
The Chief Minister had given his assurance to declare the results of the recruitment when the matter was discussed during the last session of the Manipur Lagislative Assembly. But the result remain undeclared despite of such a tall assurance given by head of the state in the floor of the assembly, the release added.
The release further mentioned that the associations, considering the commitments of the state government towards their demands, have no alternative but to go ahead with democratic forms of agitation.



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