Emergency cabinet meet approves sanction of fund for procuring fertilizers


IMPHAL, June 10: An emergency cabinet meeting convened this afternoon chaired by the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh at his official bungalow approved for sanctioning fund for transporting fertilizers into the state from outside to meet requirements of the farmers during the Kharif season.

According to a highly placed official source, today’s cabinet meet which started at around 1 pm discussed about grievances of farmers due to scarcity of fetrlizers particularly during the peak hours of cultivations in both Karif and Rabi season in the state.

The state cabinet, after long discussion on the matter, later decided to approach the state finance department for the release of fund amounting Rs 2 crores for procuring 10,000 MT of fertilizers from outside the state in the nearest future to meet fertiliqer requirements of farmers during this Kharif seed sowing season.

The source further disclosed that the cabinet meet also approved for the extension of service of Ng. Rashtrapati Singh, Retd. Chief Engineer PWD as chief engineer PDA with immediate effect from March 1 this year.

In another agenda discussed in the meet, the state cabinet approved revision of 35 numbers of posts in PDA and creation of one post Asst. Engineer (civil) and six chawkidars and one mali in PDA.

The source also further said the emergency cabinet meeting also approved for medical reimbursement of Md Allauddin, minister MOB under special case and necessary bills will be examined by the competent screening committee to meet the proposal.


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