Fish feed distributed during farmers training at Ukhrul


From John K. Kaping
UKHRUL / June 29: A two day long Fish farmers’ training & Fish feed distribution programme concluded today at the Ukhrul Mini Secretariat building Romm No-S312.

The training programme was conducted by the Ukhrul fishery department under the sponsorship of the state government with the main aim to turn Ukhrul district as a ‘spring fish home’ looking at the viability and feasibility of the district’s Topography which is suitable for fish farming.

District Fishery Officer (DFO) David k. Shimray informed the attending trainees on the know-how of fish farming.

During the intensive course of training, the trainees were vividly taught with the basic knowledge of pond management concerning fish farming by R. Abraham, FEA. The technique of rice fish farming topic was imparted by K. Stephen FI, topic on technique of composite fish culture was presented by Khamsing Ahum, CEO/FFDA, the technique of integrated fish farming knowledge was brought by Paothing Kaping PI while AS Agam, FI delivered on the topic of transportation of fish seed.

Around 40-50 trainees from villages of the district took part in the training.

During the concluding part of the training programme, 50 kg of fish feed in total were distributed to the clubs and organizations.

A training course-oriented certificate and a dearness allowance or stipend of Rs 100/- each were also distributed among the trainees by the DFO during the closing session of the programme.


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