Flood situation looming


    IMPHAL June 28: Due to incessant rain for the past few days, many low lying areas within the vicinity of Imphal area have been inundated.

    The inter connecting roads of Sagolband, Keisamthong, Uripok and Andro parking has been flooded as the water have poured out from the drainages. At present, due to an unfinished retaining wall at Uripok, water has seeped in from the Nambul river and many houses are flooded. A flood scenario is also prevalent at Lamphel area. The level of the Nambul and Imphal rivers are also up in spates.

    The raising water level also has severely affected the undergoing construction works of the Naga Nullah and other developmental works taken up in Imphal area at present.

    According to sources from the weather department, the rain may continue for some more days.


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