Gaikhangham mocks opposition; terms SPF rule as `Golden era`


IMPHAL, June 14: The present day rule of the Secular Progressive Front government could be termed as a Golden era as the opposition political parties in the state have not only failed to bring up their voice against the Secular Progressive Front rule, but have also failed miserably during the state elections, which is because the opposition is very much aware of the various development works of the government and its performance during its rule in the state.

This was stated by Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee president Gaikhangam during a reception ceremony of the newly elected Imphal Municipal Council chairman, vice chairman and the councilors of the Congress held this evening at the Congress Bhawan at around 4 pm.

Meanwhile it may be mentioned that N Raghumani Singh of Ward No. 13 and Thambaljao Paomei of Ward No. 25 both of the Congress were elected un-contested as the new IMC chairman and the vice chairman without any opposition at the IMC conference hall this morning at 11 am by the concerned election officials.

Meanwhile during the reception ceremony of the new chairman of the IMC, Gaikhangam further thanked the public of the Imphal Municipality are for supporting his party candidates which enabled the party to gain absolute majority in the just concluded IMC elections winning 16 seats out of the 27 seats available.

He further maintained that the support of the general public is evident of the popularity of the party and that it is very much evident that the Congress party will get absolute majority in the coming general election which is scheduled for next year.

He further mocked the opposition parties of the state, as most opposition candidates were unable to win in the elections; however he added that the opposition candidates are doing better when compared to the opposition parties.

The MPCC president further provided his assurance that the new IMC chairman will be different from the previous ones and will work better for the Imphal Municipal areas.

He further stated that under the leadership and guidance of the AICC president Sonia Gandhi and state Chief Minister O Ibobi, there are plans to convert the IMC into a Co-operation.

Terming it as a big turning point for the new chairman, vice chairman and the councilors, Gaikhangam also appealed to the newly elected councilors to understand the needs and wants of the general public and work towards development.

Speaking to media persons, newly elected chairman N. Raghumani Singh disclosed that under his supervision he along with his councilors will work for the welfare of the people and he is targeting to ban the mobile street vendors which has adversely affected the traffic flow in the bazaar area and to provide well parking system, and also to clear the bazaar area of the various animals and cattles which are causing hindrances to traffic flow in the area.

He further said that under the supervision of his party seniors he will try his level best to make Imphal city a clean city.

The reception ceremony was also attended by MPCC Vice president, general secretaries, office bearers of the party.


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