Holistic approach needed to preserve environment: CORE


IMPHAL, June 4: The Centre for Organization Research and Education (CORE) in a statement has expressed its serious concern regarding the environment of the state today stating that despite many years of efforts exerted through the many government departments, and much expenditure, the natural environment and natural heritage of Manipur’s hills and valleys and the rural and urban areas have deteriorated continuously and rapidly.Noting the theme of the World Environment day “Forest-Nature at your service”, the statement said that humans are committed to safeguard this natural heritage for the well being of the future generation. The environment does not consist of only the forest but it consists of the wetlands and nonliving beings and entities, the hills and valleys, rivers and water ways and all of them should be equally preserved, the statement added.It maintained that the newly drafted Manipur State Policy for climate change will be an empty exercise without a holistic approach that thoroughly examines the issues of rural and urban development strategies, energy and water, communication and transport infrastructure, human habitat, agricultural lands, wetlands and forests.It points out the necessity for the Manipur government and all its implementing agencies to undertake urgent comprehensive assessment of Manipur’s environment and the pertaining ecological issues with the full and meaningful participation of civil society, to ensure every development project and programme is planned and implemented carefully.


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