If I become the first ever lady Chief (Cheap) Ministress of Manipur!


A famine has been affecting everyone’s life in Manipur for all these years. This famine is the most unnatural famine one has ever come across. It is ghastly, it is deadly and it can gradually ruin everything/everyone.  Intellectuals and mindless politicians are treated at par during this ongoing famine. Though the major victims are laymen- like me, like you or like everyone who is lurking or looking forward to see a better Manipur (maybe on a 32nd December eh). Our great great political leaders have given their (un)valuable opinions and (im) possible means and measures to fight this famine. And hopelessly by the end of this century or maybe next century (if there is time restraint this century), this famine shall be controlled and everything will (not) be back to normalcy. But my (dis)honest question is ‘can theoretical means fight practical problems?’ Whatever! My concern is not exactly anything I have mentioned so far.
I have a precious dream to become the first ever lady Chief (Cheap) Ministress of Manipur. I am planning to get many projects from Central Government buttering/sweet talking to those ‘achaar smelly’ lamebrains who treat us as step sons/daughters in our own country. OH! By the very way, let me mention it clearly beforehand that these projects shall benefit none but my own family and relatives. Who is anyways bothered to work free of cost for the state? Does the state exist at all (but in civics or history books)? I cannot share my remaining plans for I may become yet another endangered living creature as per some unmentionable pseudo- reformers (whatever).
Before I stop hammering my keyboard to finish this ‘whatever note’ I am typing, let me clarify the meaning of the famine I have mentioned at the opening line of this ‘whatever note’.  This famine can be anything- a famine of understanding, a famine of barbarism, a famine created out of misused law or power, a famine of unethical socio-political norms etc. etc. etc. Consider anything, give any name, but trust me this famine has but affected everyone’s life quite severely.

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