Khaplang booted from own party; impeached and then expelled


DIMAPUR, June 7 (Newmai News Network): In a surprise and unexpected development, supremo of NSCN-K S.S Khaplang has been expelled from his outfit today.Prior to his expulsion from the outfit, SS Khaplang was first `impeached` from the chairmanship of the outfit and then expelled.Way back in 1988, the NSCN split into two factions. One has been led by Isak Chisi Swu and Thuingaleng Muivah and the outfit came to be known as the NSCN-IM. The other led by SS Khaplang became the NSCN-K.On Tuesday, the `tartars` or `members of parliament` of the NSCN-K, also known as GPRN/NSCN had a sitting in its headquarters near Dimapur and `impeached` chairman SS Khaplang from his post and then expelled him from the outfit.Sources informed Newmai News Network in Dimapur that today`s development was prompted when SS Khaplang `removed` the outfit`s commander-in-chief `general` Khole Konyak from his post unilaterally.Attempts made by Newmai News Network to contact SS Khaplang proved futile. Meanwhile, giving its reasons for the expulsion of SS Khaplang from the outfit, the NSCN-K (GPRN/NSCN) said the emergency session of the `national tatar hoho` (parliament of the outfit) was convened today at its headquarters, to deliberate on the `unceremonious and unconstitutional` action of chairman S.S Khaplang who, without the consent and approval of the `national assembly`, removed one of the senior most freedom fighters in South East Asia and widely respected Naga political figure `general` Khole Konyak, commander-in-chief of the Naga army (the outfit`s armed wing). “Chairman S.S Khaplang’s haphazardous dismissal of a revered collective leader and also unilaterally filling up the vacant post of vice chairmanship in the NSCN, widely regarded as undeclared position held by general Khole Konyak, was outrightly rejected by the August assembly. The arbitrary action of the chairman, who also ordered non-participation of GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) in the Naga political groups (Naga underground groups) meeting of September 18, 2010 and all subsequent Naga reconciliation meetings was thoroughly discussed by the national assembly. He not only hampered Forum For Naga Reconciliation (FNR)`s efforts to bring peace and reconciliation in Naga homeland but also remained non-committal on all the burning issues owing to his self-exiled nature of existence for more than ten years. The dictatorial and remote controlled type of administration, overruling even National Hoho resolutions of Nov. 2009 and other important national programmes was condemned by the national assembly,” the statement of the NSCN-K said tonight.The outfit then said the highly undemocratic and unconstitutional governance over the years clearly contradicted the outfit`s constitution and placed the `Naga nation` at a perilous path. It further said a decisive hour was deemed necessary for which the impeachment proceeding against Chairman S.S Khaplang was put in motion by speaker of the outfit`s parliament. “Every single member of the August house with raised right hand demanded expulsion and impeachment of S.S Khaplang, chairman of the NSCN party and president of the People’s Republic of Nagaland. The Assembly also witnessed nineteen regional chairmen and representatives of different regions in Naga homeland appending their signatures supporting impeachment of S.S Khaplang for willful violation of the National Yehzabo,” the NSCN-K said. It also stated that as per the democratic norms and as empowered by the outfit`s constitution, the speaker of its parliament, Hevukhu Yeptho, pronounced the verdict of the `Naga people.` “The position and status of a reclusive yet dictatorial Naga leader S.S Khaplang has, therefore, been decisively shut out by the Naga people. The historic moment was witnessed by both the old and new generation Naga freedom fighters with a strong sense of justice and renewed commitment towards resolving issues confronting GPRN/NSCN in particular and Naga people in general,” the NSCN-K statement said.


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