KSO to oppose construction of Purum Police station


    IMPHAL, June 21(Newmai News Network): The Saikul unit of Kuki Inpi and Kuki Students Organisation (KSO) said they will oppose tooth and nail to the proposed construction of a police station at Purum Likli village under Saikul subdivision. 

    The two Kuki organisations said such move of the state government of Manipur amounts to `militarisation` of the hill areas. Kuki Inpi, Saikul and KSO (Saikul) alleged that the state government had taken the decision to set up the police station there without taking the consent of the local people. They said any plan which is carried out without the consent of the local people is “violation of the rights of the people.” The two Kuki bodies then said ever since the Suspension of Operation (SoO) was signed with the Kuki underground groups the situation has been peaceful and “the need for setting up of the police station there is not needed.”


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