Kudos to IFP editorial


Original source: The Imphal Free Press


Kudos to Imphal Free Press for its brilliant editorial “Containing Xenophobia”( 20 May). The editorial is unique in the sense that while condemning the militant organisations which target the poor migrant fellow Indians from Bihar and Orissa, it has also not hesitated to protest when the Bangladeshi immigrants are also attacked. While one is entitled to demand deportation of the illegal Bangladeshis, but brutal killing of them can never be supported. Thus, no thanks is enough for the editorial which has placed traits of humanity in a higher pedestal over the legal issues.

Since India is a democratic country, no one holds any right to exterminate the “outsiders”. All Indians can settle, stay and earn their livelihood in any state of their choice. However, proper measures should necessarily be adopted so that the political, cultural and economic rights of the indigenous do not get violated or their security do not get threatened due to the influx of migrants. Thus not only there should be a bar( at least to a certain extent) on purchase of land by the migrants; reservations of the sons of the soil should also be adopted in service, industrial and educational sector.

Else, the plague of xenophobia is bound to raise its ugly head; afterall which community wants to get relegated as aliens on their own soil!

And it also remains the urgent duty of the migrant communities to honour the language, culture and sentiments of the people of their adopted lands. Instead of dictating over the local population, they should learn to assimilate with the indigenous ones.

If this spirit of mutual respect and tolerance gets developed and the locals are ensured of adequate security in every field which matter, the devil of xenophobia can certainly be nipped in the bud.

Thanking You.
Yours faithfully,
Kajal Chatterjee,
D-2/403 Peerless
Naar, Kolkata-114.


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