Land encroachers evicted to make way for NIT and water park at Lamphelpat


A sit in protest against land acquisition underway at Kabo Leikai today.
A sit in protest against land acquisition underway at Kabo Leikai today.
By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL June 6: At least 17 houses of Lamphelpat ‘A’ village have been destroyed as a means to evict the occupants today so as to make way for the government plan of building the NIT complex and a water body.

The eviction drive was carried out today under the instruction of the state government following plans to developing a water body and further to build the NIT complex which will comprise of at least a 100 acres.

The eviction process was overseen by works minister K Ranjit, PDA chairman Kh Loken among other officials of different departments and police officials.

On the sideline of the eviction process K Ranjit stated that it is a sorry plight that the houses have to be bulldozed, but an eviction notice was served to the encroachers about a year back, another second notice had been served some six months back, however the residents refused to acknowledge the government order.

As the matter has to be addressed sooner or later and as the government has plans to develop the area for the future benefits of the public, we appeal the evicted persons to bear with us, he said.

PDA chairman Kh Loken also added that the Lamphelpat area has serious drainage problems, during the wet seasons, most of the roads and canals are flooded and we need to act in the general interest of the public, we also need to protect the environment, he said.

The eviction was carried out by using earthmovers despite the angst of the residents, who have resided in the area for more than a decade. This is the second such eviction process taking place at Lamphelpat area.


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