Late night inebriated fracas leaves 10 injured


IMPHAL June 25: Tension erupted at Paona Bazar today at around 9.20 pm when two groups of persons attacked each other. At least 10 persons sustained injuries during the fracas and a journalist was also hurt when police was trying to control the mob even as escorts of the Sagolband constituency MLA Kh Loken also forced a reporter to delete photos of the mob incident.

The incident began when two alleged intoxicated persons from Kakhulong were reliving themselves inside the alley of Capital electronics near the second gate of Kakhulong.

The persons were yelled at by the residents of the gully and an altercation took place between the two persons and the residents, the two were later thrashed up by some persons who were at the first floor of the building. After some time, the injured duo went back to Kakhulong and came back later with an enraged mob. The mob also broke the door of the residential apartment of the building and tried to force their way in.

Reports said that the owner of the building, one Patti also whipped out a handgun in the ensuing mob altercation.

Arrival of police personnel at the incident site failed to quell the mob and the police also resorted to lathi charging in order to avoid the incident from further agravating.

In the process, a crime reporter of Ireibak Daily, Th Brojen also received a blow on his arm.

During the melee, MLA Kh Loken arrived at the scene and shouted at a reporter of Sanaleibak Daily, Kheda, who was capturing the incident on camera. “One of the MLA escort dressed in civvies jumped down and twisted my arm, they forcibly made me delete the photos”, he told this IFP reporter.

After the police brought the mob under control, at least four persons from Kakhulong sustained injuries, they are identified as M Amu, 53, s/o late Paokholung, Phaomei Akhomei, 32, s/o late Abui Phaomei, Milan Gangmei, 49,s/o Gangmeichung and Puni Kamei,32,s/o late Salu Kamei is said to be seriously hurt and being hospitalized at present.

Another 10 persons were also picked up for questioning by City police personnel, among them is one BK, a police constable and Patti, who whipped out his licensed pistol. Sources said that the constable was involved in beating up the two persons at the Capital gully. Among them four are wounded and given medical treatment at RIMS.

In the meantime, the police personnel who while trying to disperse the crowd struck reporter Brojen also apologized.


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