Maj Gen Binoy Poonnen takes over GOC 57 Mtn Div charge


IMPHAL, June 30: Major General Binoy Poonnen has taken over the reins of Red Shield Division at Leimakhong from outgoing Major General DS Hooda today at an impressive ceremony held at Leimakhong.

A release of PIB defence wing said that major general DS Hooda relinquished the command of the division after a very eventful tenure. He was very successful in overseeing the ongoing counter insurgency operations in West Manipur and South Assam, stated the release.

The general officer also projected the humane face of the army and made all out efforts to reach out to the people of Manipur. He was instrumental in getting a large number of meaningful military civic action projects sanctioned and executed in the most far flung areas of Manipur and South Assam. A large number of villages in remote areas which have functional schools, computer centers and games kits gifted to them, stand as testimony to his concern for the people of the State, added the release.

The conduct of a soldier in the civil society and insurgency prone environment was etched by the general officer himself who has won accolades from all in Manipur and was well appreciated by the media houses. On his relinquishment today the general wished the people of Manipur success and prosperity and believed peace would prevail soon in Manipur.

Major general Binoy Poonnen is a highly decorated infantry officer with varied experience both in India and abroad. An alumnus of the Officers Training Academy, Chennai, the general officer was commissioned into the 13 Battalion of the MAHAR Regiment.

A soldier with very high professional credentials he has held crucial staff and instructional appointments in the army. The officer carries with him the experience of handling counter insurgency in India as also in Sri Lanka. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the army and nation he was awarded the “Vishisht Seva Medal” while commanding a Mountain Brigade. He was posted at the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (army), New Delhi, before taking over the charge of the GOC.

Major general Binoy Poonnen has assured maintenance of harmony between the army, the administration and the people. He has extended his good wishes to the people of Manipur, stated the release.


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