NEC releases Rs. 6.41 crores for power sector to state during 2010-11


NEW DELHI, June 2 (MIC): The North Eastern Council has released a sum of Rs 6.41 crores for renovation and modernization of 132/33KV Sub-Station at Yurembam and for construction of seven other schemes in the capacity of 10 KW in Manipur during the year 2010-11.

A sum of Rs 5 crores were sanctioned for renovation and modernization of Yurembam Sub-Station.

B.K. Handique, union minister of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) and the chairman of North Eastern Council(NEC) here today stated that the NEC would give top priority on the schemes submitted by the state governments in power sector for system improvement of upgradation and construction of power transmission and distribution lines and sub-stations; and renewable resources of energy, including assistance for implementation of small hydel projects.

The NEC in its 58th Meeting held on February 9 last year at Guwahati concluded that next to road connectivity, priority would be accorded to the harnessing of the vast power potential of the region.

The NEC has released Rs.71 crores for power sector in the North Eastern region during the year 2010-11. Among these, seven projects at a cost of Rs.10.70 Crores for Arunachal Pradesh, one project at NC Hills District for Assam at a cost of Rs.5.37 Crores, one project for Manipur at a cost of Rs. 5 Crores , eight projects for Meghalaya at a cost of Rs.17.44 Crores, six projects for Mizoram at a cost of 7.17 Crores, nine projects for Sikkim at a cost of 13.43 Crores,one project at Tripura at a cost of Rs.4.79 Crores, 10 numbers of Mini Hydel Projects for Sikkim and seven schemes at Manipur in the capacity of 10 KW at a cost of Rs.1.41 Crores were sanctioned.

Additionally, Rs.4.25 Crores were allotted to Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) to prepare Feasibility cum Detailed Project Report for Transmission, Sub `“ Transmission and Distribution (upto 33 KV) system in the North Eastern Region.


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