NPUI speaks out against eviction of Naga River Colony


    Newmai News Network
    IMPHAL, June 23: Naga People’s Union Imphal (NPUI) has appealed to the state government of Manipur for a stay order to the eviction of the residents of Naga River Colony to make way for the proposed upgrading of the Hotel Imphal to a five-star hotel.

    The proposed upgrading of Hotel Imphal to a five-star hotel will render families from different communities of Manipur, who have been coexisting in Naga River Colony for the past many decades, homeless and psychologically disturbed, said president of NPUI M Ngaranmi.

    For the families who are asked to move out to give way for the proposed five-star hotel there is no suitable place in the congested Imphal city other than the Naga River Colony where they have been living for decades, the statement added.

    Therefore it will be a wise decision on the part of the state government to leave the families of Naga River Colony alone on humanitarian ground, NPUI said.


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