NSCN (K) affirms Khaplang leadership


IMPHAL, June 23: An emailed statement of the NSCN (K) has stated that in the wake of the break-away group form by Khole & Kitovi, the Naga army at the general headquarter (GHQ), had an emergency meeting on June 22 where it was resolve to stand firmly and uprightly after chairman S.S.Khaplang. it has also stated that there cannot be two opinions; our position is clear and firm. 

Chairman Khaplang was the leader and will always remain the same and the Naga Army at the GHQ vow to stand by it till the end, added the release.

It has also mentioned that its chairman Khaplang, is undoubtedly the most undisputed Naga leader. His strong will and determination to see a liberated Nagaland and to stand steadfastly for the cause of the Naga people has always kept him unshakable. He has not only successfully kept the Nagas of eastern Nagaland united but has also jealously safeguard the Naga territory from the marauding other ethnic groups. In the present so-called state of Nagaland as well, he has always given equal opportunity to every tribe and community, selflessly and impartially, it added.

His contribution for the Nation is invaluable and cannot be questioned. Nagas must know that, unfortunately today we may be divided in two or three different countries but our country and the rights over our land and territory remains the same, it stated.

“It is unfortunate to see that, Khole and Kitovi has defected from the party to form their own organization but, that doesn’t detract us from achieving our goal for which we shall continue to work with that same jell and vigour”, added the statement released by its maj gen identified as Nyemlang Konyak.


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