NSCN (K) seeks clarification from Naga crusaders


IMPHAL June 26: The NSCN (K) strongly condemned the reported ‘quit notice’ served against the Meeteis living in the Naga inhabited districts of Manipur by the so call Naga crusader’s group recently.

A press release by retired maj. N. Panmei, medical kilonser cum political advisor, Southern Nagaland (NSCN/GPRN) stated that such display of a sensitive matter by some ill-responsible group of people can not be tolerated at all. The Naga National movement has no agenda for communal discard and hatred in the neighbor hood. The peaceful co-existence and relationship that continued till today since time immemorial can not be sabotaged by any senseless group and they shall not be allowed to escape unpunished, it said.

Further, It is imperative that any person in the name of so call Naga crusaders should come out clear of their identities sooner than later and appeal to all the concerned to maintain enough maturity and peace till the fact should be unearthed, it maintained.

Further touching upon the recent developments in the group, it said that there is no division, nor discord within the NSCN/GPRN. The towering figure of S.S. Khaplang is unquestionable and there is not a slightest blame on his credential. He is our well acclaimed genius and undisputed father for the NSCN/GPRN who has stood the test of times for the great cause of Naga national-hood, it added.

The Southern Nagas, their respective regional councils are still intact standing behind the internationally known leadership of S.S. Khaplang. All concerned in the Southern Naga areas are warned against any evil designs which may harm the Naga solidarity, the release states.

It further stated that, the Zeliangrong region of the NSCN/GPRN which caters a vast area of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and else where are solidly standing firmly under the leadership of S.S. Khaplang, it concluded.


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