Parents and guardians of Sainik School students aggrieved by re-admission notice


IMPHAL June 21: Expressing disagreement with the principal of the Sainik School Imphal regarding the notification which came out in various local dailies on June 20 for re-admission to Class XI in the school, the parents and guardian of Sainik School, Imphal, today, reacted sharply against the press notification by Principal of the school.

A press conference was held, today, in this connection, at the Manipur press club, by the aggrieved parents of Sainik School, Imphal.

It may be mentioned that on June 20 a public notice was issued by the Principal of the school on various local media in connection with re- admission to class XI for the year 2011 to 2012. According to the press notification it is stated that since the last five years, due to restricted inbuilt capacity of infrastructure and staff, the class XI strength has never been more than 66 cadets. However this year, the school is planning to induct the class XI strength of 60 to 70 cadets. The notification also alleged that some parents and guardians had indulged in malicious activities against the school. Further, the principal had notified that any student involved in misbehavior and unfair means including intoxication with alcohol and other substances, ragging, etc will be denied for readmission to class XI.

Addressing the media persons, the aggrieved parents claimed that during the school’s 40 years history, there have been instances of the number of students in class XI and XII exceeding beyond 100 each and added that the reduction in the number of students in class XI during the last five years is a result of many students withdrawing on their own on financial grounds and not as notified by the principal on June 20.

The parents further claimed that the school has one PGT for each subjects to teach both classes of XI and XII students. The parents and guardians expressed their amazement at the school authority on their consideration to admit 150 cadets in class VI, even after claiming that the school was designed to facilitate only 60 to 70 students in class XI.

The nature of the school authority for being callous and the constant inaction in the interest of the student community had resulted in the students of class XII of the school to call a strike on November 26, last year, the parents accused.

The parents further claimed that the concerned authority instead of taking corrective measures promptly expelled all the students of the class XII on the same day itself.

Further, the aggrieved parents alleged that the school authority ignored the welfare interest of students during the class X board examination 2011. The parents claimed that barely a week before the commencement of class X board examination, the students were asked to vacate the school campus on the ground that the syllabus has been completed and the school has no responsibility for the students any more. As a result many students coming from far off places had to face grave difficulties in arranging for their stays during the examination, the parents further charged.

Further talking to the media persons, the parents strongly rejected the credits claimed by the school authority on the performance of the students of the institute. They said that the school authority is constantly neglecting to support the students.

The parents said that it was very unfortunate that the school has irresponsibly justified the withdrawal of some of the student on disciplinary grounds such as ragging, indulging in intoxications and other unfair means, etc, without any effort to administer corrective measures nor address issues so as to create conducive environment for a centre of academic excellence, instead the school has simply opted for filtering these boys thereby equating them with criminals on one hand and instilling a fear psychosis on the remaining children on the other hand which defeats the very purpose of the school to prepare the boys mentally and physically for entering into competitive examinations.

Doubting the credibility of the school authority’s claims in running the day today affairs of the school, they said that there are many prominent ex- students of the school who are today parents of the children studying in the school. They further accused the school authority on their intention to publish photographs of boys for juvenile acts as intimidating in nature and tantamount to terrorizing the students and parents, which is professionally unethical and shameful. Today’s press conference was called in the interest of the emerging student communities to avoid such unfortunate incidents from recurring again in the future, the parents added.


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