Sanatombi Angomcha: A lamenting letter from the ‘Keithel Cow’


Dear All,

If you find this letter insensible, that is simply because I have lately been suffering from the pang of separation coupled with hunger. I have been surviving upon the left-over vegetables from the ‘Ema Keithel’. Those ladies were great indeed to feed me every day. Sometimes, they would offer me a sumptuous meal of freshly plucked cabbage leaves, sometimes they would feed me with love a plate a rice (mostly remnants though) Beggars can’t be choosers so, I had been satisfying my hunger with whatever food they would offer me. For my daily routines, I as usual, used to loiter around here and there in the entire Kwairambandh Keithel catching up with other Keithel buddies, sometimes leisurely taking an afternoon nap beside the ‘Maharani bridge’ until and unless those traffic polices shoo me.  Oh by the very way, let me introduce myself, I am the ‘Keithelgi Cow’ (if you remember) because I am almost historical now.  If you want me to explain myself- I am the one who has impressed every ‘Manipuri Mom’ to cite me as a classic example amongst her kids while scolding them. I was never the King of the Keithel, but I had this kingly manner and used to roam here, there, everywhere in and around the Keithel and its vicinities. Come evening, I would rush to the busiest spots in the Keithel wishing goodnight to my favourite ladies- those kind ladies who used to feed me every day with the left-over vegetables or rice. Sadly true but they don’t remember me anymore these days. They are now having their posh vendors at the newly built ‘Ema Keithel’. My heart burns in pain to see them every day but as strangers. I am a civilization-conscious cow, but I find it mindless and insensible when people change their colours like chameleon even at the faintest light or hope of civilization. Well, I bear in my heart no venomous feelings for anyone. I am infact happy for them about the new market where there are fans and tube lights as well. Sometimes, I heard annoying news about how the ceilings crack in the newly built market, but I know that is none of my business now. I got to move on, find a new sojourn for myself.

PS- If you hear about a Keithel cow mercilessly shot down by commandos somewhere at Imphal, please pray that my soul rest in peace.



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