Semi pucca bridge on Khuga dam canal collapse


    From Kaimuanthang
    Lamka May 3: The Khuga Dam JAC`s accussation on the state government that quality has not been maintained during the construction of the dam and that it is an impending death trap for the people was once again proved true as a semi pucca-bridge constructed across the right side canal passing through the middle of Saipum village had collapse last Tuesday at about 1 pm. The village is located around 1 km from the main dam site.

    As a result, the village has been cut off in the middle with 20 households of the village on one side while another 60 households remaining on the other side of the canal.

    A villager told the JAC chairman and the secretary along with the MDC of the area that communication between the two sides has been completely cut off with the collapsing of the bridge.

    While speaking to the correspondent of the IFP at the site, the JAC chairman stated that Daijang villagers are unable to carry out cultivation activities in the rice fields on the apprehension that the walls of the dam might collapse.
    He also stated that another bridge had collapse recently and the villagers had to repair it with MGNREGS funds.


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