Spooky affair at Manipur Press Club


By A Staff ReporterIMPHAL June 6: The Manipur Press Club located at Majorkhul has recently reported some paranormal activities.The club which is an official destination of the All Manipur Working Journalist’s Union, apex scribe body of the state and a favored spot for holding press meets and important functions has now become a controversial place among the journalist fraternity that haunting have occurred inside the club building recently.
The paranormal activities report culled from various sources stated that, near midnight, a female voice singing could be heard, sound of heavy footsteps on the ceiling and stairs, and a reported sighting of a female form.
Many occupants of the club building ,at present masons, press club chowkidar  and a senior correspondent have reported witnessing the specter.
The club chowkidar, Kalu was also in a state of hysteria after an encounter with the apparition  a few days back and a local shaman was called to tend to his condition. The shaman also exorcised the building by throwing rice inside the club building and the outdoor areas of the club premises. The chowkidar in a state of delirium went up the stairs till the fourth floor and allegedly came down from the bamboo scaffolding erected for construction of the club upper floors.
“ I don’t know what happened but a voice kept calling me, and I rushed to the top floor and I heard a scream like someone falling down, I don’t know what came over me ,but I came down the scaffolding instead of taking the stairs”, a visibly apprehensive Kalu told this IFP reporter.
The chief mason in charge of the club construction also stated similar comment that many of his workers also left the work after encountering the bizarre activities. “ One of my workers came all the way to Serou,Kakching at night saying that he had had enough and can’t stay at the club anymore”. The chief mason also said “ I came down one night after hearing a noise downstairs, as costly tiles were kept below, I feared that someone might be attempting to rob the tiles, I had a torch light in hand, there was no one, later from near the toilet, I saw a female form suddenly rushing up the stairs in a flash, a chill ran down my spine and I had another similar encounter”, he said that he had goose bumps recounting his experience.
The story was also told in a similar manner by a senior correspondent of a national paper who occupies a room at the first floor of the club building. “ I mostly work late, one night I heard a sound of singing, it sounded like a girl and I went down to investigate.


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