State steps up security deployment in and around Imphal city ahead of June 18 observation


IMPHAL, June 16: There will be heavy concentration of state forces as well as central military forces in an round the greater Imphal in the run-up to the observation of the 18th Great June Uprising Day which is to be organized by the UCM at Kekrupat and Unity day by the AMUCO at THAU ground respectively on June 18 in memory of those who lost their lives during the agitation in June, 2010 in protest against the extension of cease-fire between GOI and NSCN (IM) into Manipur.

In this connection the state police department has chalked out the mode of deployment of security personnel both from the state as well as from Central Para military forces of 171 companies of CRPF including Mahila battalion on the day of the observation in every vulnerable areas of greater Imphal in order to prevent any untoward incident during the observation.

In the meantime as per an officially adopted security strategy there will be heavy concentrations of state security forces at the eastern side of Kekrupat along the Imphal Rriver bank from exit gate of Kekrupat to Transformer (Kangla southern gate) which will be led by sector commander Inspt. K Ranjit Singh, CAR/IW, there will also be tight security protection at Sourthern side of Kekrupat along the Imphal River bank from Transformer to the western river bank led by the sector commander Inspt. N Binoy Singh, RI/IW and at the western side of Kekrupat from entrance of Kekrupat to Imphal River bank by a heavy team of state police forces led by sector commander Inpst/ L Meghabarna Singh, OC/Imphal PS.

The official source further mentioned there will be heavy deployment of security forces from North AOC to Western side of Minuthong Bridge and Pandon to Khongnang Ani karak which will be supervised by N Herojit Meitei, MPS, Addl. SP (L/O), Imphal West.

Further, according to an official order issued by the Dy. Inspector General Police and Sp in charge of Imphal West Clay Khongsai, S Ibomcha Singh, MPS, Dy. Supdt. of police (CDO), Imphal West will be in charge of security measures of the outer zones-I covering western side of Lamlong bridge-Khongnang Ani Karak, Lilashing Khongnagngkhong, DM College, Langol area covering Lamphel, government quarters, besides under this outer Zone_I there will be heavy deployment of security forces at Khongnang Ani Karak to Lilashing Khongnangkhong, Lilashing Khongnangkhong to THAU ground, Chingmeirong OP, eastern side of DM college campus along NH-39, eastern gate of DM college (opp. 2nd MR gate) in front of Hotel Imphal, DM college canteen upto college Indoor stadium, Stadium Central Pizza, Pandon road and Dingku road crossing, Pandon road and DM college main western gate crossing, Watham Leirak Fishery crossing, RIMS old gate crossing, Lamphel Govt. quarter area.

It is also officially mentioned that, N Madhunimai Singh, MPS, SDPO-Imphal will be in charge of security supervision for the Outer Zone-II covering the areas of Khoyathong to western gate of Kangla, Nityaipat Chuthek to Keishampat.

Under this outer Zone-II jurisdiction there will also be heavy deployment of heavy security forces in an around Assembly Sectt. Imphal, Major Khul, entrance to JN Dance Academy, Zomi villa, Pandon, Dewlaland near TTS hostel area, Khongsai Veng, Laipham Khunou, Tangmeiband Sinam Chingjin, Kakhulong, Keishamthong, Chinga crossing and Pishumthong.

In the meantime, the police department has also categorized cut off points in Imphal City, which include Sanjenthong (Western side), GPO (Kangla monument crossing), Niyaipat Chuthek, Keishampat Traffic Point, Sing & Co, Moorangkhom, Singjamei bazaar crossing near Singjamei bridge, Kwakeithel bazaar, Sangaiprou crossing, Tera bazaar, Jiri parking Waheng leikai, Khwairak Selung crossing (Canteen Leirak Uripok), Khoyathong traffic point, Khoyathong on NH-39, in an around Bus Terminus Khuman Lampak, around main Stadium Khuman Lampak, Nagaram where private vehicles will not be allowed to enter on June 18 under the supervision of Th Vikramjit Singh, MPS, SDPO Singjamei.

The official order of the SP in charge Imphal West further mentioned that, S Chaoba Singh, Addl. SP (P) will supervise security arrangement of vital installation of state including Assembly Hall area, GM hall and the Raj Bhavan areas.

The official source further mentioned that, in view of the observation on June 18 four anti-riot squads from Reserve Line, Imphal West are formed and they will be provided with adequate anti-riot equipments and each unit will be made to station at Sing & Co. Moirangkhom, GPO Imphal, Keishampat road and Khuyathong above this iron barricades shall be erected at the western side of Sanjenthong bridge, Sing & Co. Moirangkhom, Keishmapat bridge at the western side, Khuyathong Traffic point and LIC Turning point on NH-39.

The official source also mentioned that, there will be extensive security arrangement in the areas under Imphal East district on the day at Sanjenthong, Palace gate, Mahabali areas, Thumbuthong, Kongba bridge, Andro Parking, Wangkhei road, Singjamei bridge, New Checkon bazaar, Pangei road, Khabeisoi, Ukhrul road and Tinsid road, Sangakpham, Mantripukhri, Koirengei, Heingang road as a part of the security preventive measures for the proposed observation.

In the meantime in view of the proposed security arrangement for the observations all concerned OCs of the police stations and outposts are directed to send out their personnel and made arrangement for deployments in their assigned areas from 5pm of June 17, the official order added.


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