Truck owners unhappy with NH-53 works


IMPHAL, June 20: The National Highway 53 truck owners association has mocked the government’s target to complete the construction of the highway by 2013 while taking into account the failure of the government to start implementation of work till date.

A team of media persons along with the association conducted a survey of the condition of the NH 53 from June 18 to June 19.

While speaking to media persons during the survey the spokesperson of the association, Kh. Inaoba expressed his apprehension about the condition of the NH in case the monsson sets in fully given the present deplorable condition of the highway.

He said that the condition is worse especially from Barak to Nungdollan. The section remain muddy making it risky for vehicles mainly the trucks to pass through during the monsoon. There are high chances of getting stuck in the thick mud or slipping as the trail left on the muddy road by the heavy loaded trucks is knee deep, he added.

He further maintained the main factor for the condition was absence of proper drainage system and added that 80 percent of the road conditions are not favourable for vehicles to ply.

He also claimed that the stone piled up at the road side, to be used in the repairing of roads are of low quality.

Taking into account the ground reality of the road the spokespersons stated that the target set by the government to complete the works of developing the NH-53 by 2013 will be impossible.

Despite the hardship the truckers have been plying on the road and also added that the price of essential commodities would be low if the condition of the road is improved.

In the meantime, A. Khomei Singh, manager in charge FCI godown, Jiribam stated that the condition of the FCI godown is outdated and needs to be upgraded to do away with the woes of rice scarcity in the state.

He said that since January 11, 2011, a 22 compartment train with ten trips per week has been feeding the FCI godown which to some extent has improved the woes.

However in order to make the most of the improving situation the condition of the 2500 metric tone capacity FCI godown much be further upgraded to the required 20,000 capacity.

Besides the manger incharge suggested for the need for using better train against the current which derail often in rainy season due to its small size and, also suggested the unloading of the loads at the godown directly.

The manager also appealed the concerned authority to upgrade the man power of the godown.


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