UNLF mocks surrender programme as fake


IMPHAL, June 16: The UNLF has alleged that the surrender ceremonies held by the Assam Rifles are a hoax and the recent expose of Tehelka magazine regarding the surrender of PULF cadres at IGAR South, Mantripukhri on July 14 bears testimony.

The expose has reveal the underhanded and corrupt practices of the security forces and the Chief Minister, and has exposed to the general public that the surrendered cadres are mostly daily wage earners from Thoubal district and had been lured by touts promising a better future and made to take part in the surrender drama.

Omar Farooq is also sheltered at Mantripukhri IGAR(S) from before and it was also reported that he along with other cadres identified as one Angom Ibochouba of KCP (MC) Lamyanba Khuman tried to abduct a state official, but were arrested by the police, however the matter was also hushed up by the DGP, it said.

Further, the expose has shed light on the matter that the Assam Rifles have been propagating some anti social groups to further create havoc and to extort from the public to meet their own ends.

The expose by Tehelka bearing self evident photos of the July 23 Khwairamband Bazar incident is another example of the brutal atrocities of the state police and the DGP had lied that the photos were fake, which shows the utter shamelessness of the state high officials, it said.

The double standard remarks of the CM regarding the plebiscite issue also describe his true nature of not caring for the democratic rights of the citizens. The human rights violations and the killings perpetrated by the IOF are supported by the CM and the DGP and their names will go down in infamy in the history of the State, it said.


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