Water tankers supply untreated water in the face of water scarcity


IMPHAL June 26: Normal water supply being disrupted also hit the water tankers as they cannot avail treated water from the Porompat Water Supply Scheme as previously.

The PHED water supply schemes supplies drinking water to the tankers at a cost of Rs 80 per 10,000 liters, the capacity of a tanker varies from 10,000 to 12,500 liters.

David, a resident of Thangmeiband Lourungpurel Leikai said “ As there is irregular water supply at our constituency, we have been relying on water tankers for the last decade or so, the prices of the tankers used to cost 550 Rs per water tanker, just some months back, there was a scarcity of fuel due to imposed economic blockade and the tankers hiked their charges to 800 Rs and since have refused to come down even as the fuel crisis is over, we sometimes also get murky water and small fish from the tankers”, he added.

IFP also found out that a pump has been kept at Khumanpokpa Chingol nearby the Koirengei Water Supply Scheme and untreated water is loaded to tankers. The water is treated with water clearing agents like bleaching powder and alum.


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