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Works dept seek additional funds for state approved implemented projects

IMPHAL, June 26: The state works department has recently sought an additional fund of Rs.1544.56 lakhs from the state government against its annual allocation of Rs.7929 lakhs for the current financial year for taking up six major projects which have been implemented by the state government.

According to a highly placed official source, the demand of additional funds by the state PWD is due to the implementation of the works including assessment value of standing properties along the Moirang Sendra road amounting to Rs.371.80 lakhs, assessment value of standing properties for expansion of Dinku road from Khongnang Ani Karak to Lamlong amounting to Rs.205.84 lakhs and Rs.121.10 lakhs for assessment value properties between North AOC to Khongnang Ani Karak.

The projects also include Rs.6.66 lakhs as compensation for standing properties in regards to construction of approach road to Leirak Hiden Bridge at village No.58 Kakching Khullen, Rs.777.36 lakhs for inter state Bus Terminus, Dewlaland, (Rs.213 lakhs for Water Supply and Sanitation, Rs.211 lakhs for IEI and Rs.356.36 lakhs for Electro Mechanical Works) and Rs.61.80 lakhs for assessment value of standing properties in connection with widening of NH-39 from Khongnang Ani Karak to Sangakpham.

The official source said that the state PWD has already taken up their line of activities in conducting assessment of the said schemes earlier following an official instructions from the state government, further process of evictions and widening of the mentioned portions of the areas could not be activated as the state government has failed to provide the officially submitted value of lands till today.



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