Yairipok residents boycott local MLA, Pradhan against improper implementation of public benefit schemes


IMPHAL, June 8: The Meitei and Muslim community settled at Yairipok Singa Ward No. 8/9, 8/10 and 8/11 have boycotted sitting Wangkhem assembly constituency MLA Meghachandchra and the members and Pradhan of the local Gram Panchayat.
This was disclosed by Yairipok Singa Apunba Lup secretary Md. Abhash during a press conference held today at Yairipok Singda.
Abhash also said the boycott of elected leaders would remain until solving the problem surrounding proper implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employee Guarantee Scheme and other public benefits scheme like Public Distribution Systems etc.
Md. Abhash also disclosed that since the implementation of MGNREGS in the year 2009, the people of the area are still not enjoying any benefits of the schemes.
He further said that atleast 3281 persons including 16521 females registered from 862 household for MGNREGS works. However, instead of giving job, the local MLA and the Pradhan were found misusing the scheme and the sanctioned money have been siphoned off.
Displaying Job Cards and bank pass book of some beneficiaries of MGNREGS, Md. Abhash alleged that elected leaders of the area were drawing money from concerned department using fake Job Card and bank pass books names of which bore death persons including Md Abdul Zabal, who was his late father.
Md Abdul Zabal is my father and he had expired on October 10, 2009, Abhash said adding.
Doubling of name in the bank pass book and Job cards were other tricks made by public leaders to draw out money, Abhash alleged and urged concerned authority to look into the matter in the interest of genuine Job Card holders of the area.
In the meantime, the Singa Apunba Women Lup also alleged that government schemes like Public Distribution System, PHED, construction of Inter Village Road were found neglected by the local leaders.
The women lup, while appealling concerned public leaders to bring an amicable solution at the earliest, warned of continuing the boycott.


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