BJP leader calls for strengthening of mahila morcha in state


IMPHAL, July 27: BJP national secretary, Mahila Morcha, Shipra Goon has arrived in the state capital in connection with the Mahila Morcha organization in the state on July 25 and conducted a meeting programme with the mahila morcha state executive members and discussed for extensive working and strengthening of the mahila morcha organization in the state.

The visiting national secretary further held a meeting with mahila morcha workers of Keirao Mandal of Imphal East yesterday and informed the workers to work actively for strengthening the Keirao mandal mahila morcha and to take up election oriented programmes in their area for the ensuing 10th state Assembly election to be held during the month of February next year.

Further, the visiting BJP leader visited Kumbi mandal today and had a long discussion with the mahila morcha committee there and further discussed the role to be taken up by the mahila morcha in the future.

During the discussion at Kumbi today Shipra Goon emphasized the need to reactivate the mahila morcha activities in order to meet the challenges of the ensuing general election in the state and added that women bill will be passed in the ensuing Parliament session.

She ha further informed that the BJP manila morcha in the state should prepare to set up women candidates and at least election accounts should be opened in the state she added.


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