Brand Yourself To Brand A New World Order!


By: G.S.Oinam

Social log-jam means a difficult situation in which you can’t make progress easily because there are too many difficult things to do carefully and systematically in society. We need a collective and collaborative effort to motivate people. Motivation, exercise, and mind control i.e. meditation— which can enhance individuals and social moral value and ethics. That is why we often say about” Knowledge Body,” has to be implemented effectively in the state. But nobody business—Manipur will be very late to realized the importance of knowledge body. In the state, one may ask oneself- why should you wasting time and energy and unnecessarily risk when everybody remained silent— what benefits will you get for cleansing social logjam. Instead, earn big money, enjoy your life, and then you will get a place in the society! Obviously, we are all fallen in delusive potency.

Unfortunately, state political leaders dare to care nothing other than election, power, and money. Or, had they incline to do anything for social change and social chaos even election time is near? Of course, their workers do contract workd in their respective constituency. They think that they can win election by money and muscle power and will do everything good after they get power. Do you agree with it? Unusual to see their hairs —sometimes black and sometime white—can’t manage their make up when the election time is near. Ooh! A new fashion- black and white mixed hair style! But no wonder, her/his loyalist MLA size will larger from 60-80 L to 80-100L. Smile for new code!

So, prepare a new formula related to election campaign— how to fight money and muscle power verses what and who? If there is a will there is a way. You will get benefit— candidates will like you. What monkey knows the test of ginger?” (Bander kya jane adrak ka swad).

Brand Yourself—Upload your presentation what you ought to be after you become MLA—for society, constituency and state as well. Showcase your profile, objective, strengths, experience, qualification, skills, trait, leadership capability and team management capacity along with key features. Don’t say—I have done this construction work from my local area development fund, I have build community hall, bridge, road repairing, medical PHC from the government account. And, I have appointed many people as government employees. These are all unfair. MLA local area development fund is not your own pocket money. Whatever central government schemes implemented in your constituency can not be your credit. Remember, MLAs are drawing salary and perk from poor people money. Government money is public money and it has share for majority poor people. You are only managing public fund as a representative of the people. Don’t take advantage to get richer your family and deliver ash to the people. And, you must not speak to individuals— I will give you a government job; I will give you contract work. These are all called nepotism and corruption.

His Shaolin Master says “Destroy the image of your enemy first before you attack for last bout.” Fight must be serious in every step—give emotional punch; don’t think but feel. New election campaign must be prepared. Design must be unique, something extra ordinary to win the heart of people— emotion, physically and crowd pull. Money for nothing!

Behind many fears is the fear of loss, pain and death. Having experienced our immortality, our fears begin to dissolve. What sad news —the numbers of young widow increases from 5000 to about 11000 in the state within few years. Who will care for them and their children? None of us would consciously injure our own body, because we know it would be painful. Similarly, we must feel the pain of other people to be our own when the realisation dawns in us that everything is pervaded by the same consciousness Use and throw method- “SAY GOOD BYE SEE YOU AGAIN ON NEXT DECADE ELECTION”. Or, they will do the same to the people after once these black tinted netas declared elected. Wish you all never come back in the coming assembly election.

Beware of Animal— worse, it asks for money, for power; it wants to be the president of the country, the prime minister of the country. The animal has strange ideas and strengths to be fulfilled! They want all the women of the world; they can’t be satisfied with one— you cannot expect understanding from them. Don’t believe that it will be calmed just by giving it some cigarettes and ice cream — don’t be so simplistic. It will go on demanding new things and more things, and there is no end to its demanding. You will need great insight into the animal, you will need great acquaintance with it; become deeply aware of its working. Digest it slowly, gradually, so that one day the animal becomes part of your being.

You will feel the energy to the degree your mind is attuned. If you blanket your mind with the elements of the unsettled, the non-sacred, the mundane ,and carry your anger and impatience with you, the energy plays hide and seek, and you return without being recharged, even doubting the energy of these places.

Demonstration is another type of advertising, publicity and achievement. Pretty men will follows only after they saw, know the benefits, then like to imitate and learn from their experience. In the same manner, State government will do it only after demonstration by somebody or other states and centre. Because, state is govern by masters having second hand knowledge. Therefore, people will have probably 2nd and 3rd class mentality and 2nd class citizen. Gujarat, Kerala, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc. are using first hand knowledge (innovative)—therefore, these states have comparative advantage than other states.

Second, how the state planning is going on? Planning commission will provide them guide lines prior to state planning. State planning department will simply fill up the formats, get sanction money and summit utilisation certificate. They don’t know how to prepare innovative projects because they don’t know how to prepare project without guidelines; and projects submitted by state NGOs to the ministry of women and child welfare are all rejected last year- because there was no innovation in their respective projects. Annual plan—MLA concerns will submit requisition proposals like community hall, road and drinking waters plan as they think fit for their constituency for discussion on plan meeting chaired by CM, finally minister concern will make a call to the concern MLA” hello, your requisitions has be included in annual plan budget, enjoy yourself .Or, will you treat a party?’ This is called state planning; however, within the department three/four tigers always ready to fight one another, will put together to
work. Fortunately, development seminar in the state under the sponsorship of DoNER for direct interaction with people and state government to fill up the gaps of basic infrastructure under SPA and NLCPR is an initiative to progress.

There is certain thing we have to learn and correct ourselves for about relationship, human behaviour and management skills. Motivation is the way to enhance our moral. Most common problem in the state is “I don’t trust you; I don’t care you; how dare you speak? How can we believe an unknown man?” These questions are all correct but the answers are sometimes lack of reasoning. Conquer your fear and express freely what you want. Knowledge, motivation, inner strength (courage), truth and will power can conquer your fear. In one part of Ramayana epic – Lord Ram requested Maharaj Sugriva to give his opinion as to what should be done when Vibhisana came to take shelter under Sri Ram. Sugriva said—Lord; the Raksasas (demon) are very deceptive by nature. Who knows with what intention he has come—whether as a spy or with any other motive? When a favourable opportunity presents itself, a Raksasa may cause us injury. That is why, in my opinion, he should be treated as a prisoner.” There upon, the lord replied—Friend! What you say is not doubt very judicious; but a man possessed of a wicked heart can never approached me. If he has come as a spy, even then we have nothing to fear, for Lakshmana (brother of Ram) possesses the power to exterminate in a moment all the Raksasas of the world. And if he has come to seek refuge out of fear, then the rule I follow is “my vow is to destroy the fear one, who surrenders himself to me.” This form of knowledge of the divinity understands the truth of God.

Communication is totally failed in the state- a person will change his mobile phone number for every month. Only one way of communication —they can call you but you can’t call them back on the next day. This is a form of deceptive. Remember, hot, cold and sweet, long conversation lovers in mobile phone never last relationship. This is a flirt of wildness and he will text you 10 times in one night, and will never ask for her interest and work—which are all surprising sign of “he will never marry you”. (Experts comment on relationship).Addictive nature—in drinking and eating, relationship with women, drugs, phone call, driving etc. should be avoided. This addiction (bad habit) can be control by exercise, motivation and mind control i.e. meditation. .All things are good if we used them according to manual, set of rules in proper time and place. A knife used by a murderer and a surgical knife used by a surgeon are both knives and cuts but the intention of the former is to kill while that of the latter is to save life. So, we must keep our intention always good while doing all kinds of action. Or, your favourite hot wheels (bike/car), perhaps, a coffin for you.

Our relationship goes to give and take—when somebody can get advantage then he will say you are good; when somebody get less advantage, he will say you are bad. In my perception, this is called buyers and sellers market but not the actual human relationship. A wise man could easily understand from one sentence you speak about the relationship you have with your friends and new tricks you prepared to do. You break up relationship very soon because you and s/he do not share idea, feeling and wide difference in opinion and way of life. There is no ground of compromise—can’t convince one another and just for time pass. Don’t trust man at first but give your honest positive comment on his idea, concept and behaviour and try to share—finally, will come understanding i.e. relationship— which may eventually enhance your love chemistry. But one way relationship is not good. Relationship must be reciprocal. Men failed their promises many a times due to lack of skills, determination, time and opportunity – finally, people lost trust to him. Neither do people give good suggestion to achieve his goal? Remember—success is bastard it has many fathers; failure is orphan nobody own it.

Doing good work is the precondition for being good simply because we cannot be good unless we do good job at the first place. Even the so called bad people can become good if they start doing good actions. Doing good karmas (cause and effect) is, not only good for the next life, but also good for the present life to enjoy the happy existence on earth.

Satsanga (association of holiness) tells- no enemy in the world can cause even the least harm to a person who is equipped with the weapons as veracity, non violence, forgiveness, equanimity, contentment, simplicity, endurance and renunciation etc.

The mind in an animal is of a rudimentary character. As humans, we have the play of intelligence. Intelligence frames concepts and ideals, plans means for realisation. Most beautiful thing on earth is our gratitude to divinity. In the inner world everything is beautiful. Divine love and divine beauty are inseparable. Love is the flower, beauty is the fragrance. They go together and inseparable. A flower is an object. But the flower has to offer its quality, that is, its fragrance. Only when you come near a flower will you see and appreciate its beauty. But even when you are far away, its fragrance can permeate the air.

If a flower does not have any fragrance, half its divinity is gone. Beauty comes forth from the flower which is love. When, earth’s cry and heaven’s smile are meeting, beauty’s perfection dawns. Joy is a bird that we all want to catch. It is the same bird that we all love to see flying. What is the difference between pleasure and joy? Pleasure is followed by frustration, whereas joy is always followed by peace and more joy. There’s a subtle difference between inner and outer joy. We feel that the possessor of outer joy is somebody else, not ourselves. Very often we want to snatch this joy from others. Inner joy is not like this. When we meditate or contemplate, at that time we feel that we are the soul of joy. This joy that we possess inside is like a fountain; it comes spontaneously. Inner joy has no fear. It can, if it wants, transform our human nature in the twinkling of an eye. If we can experience true inner joy even for a second we will feel that the world is totally different.

The concept of the New World Order (NWO) is composed of three terms, each of which is indispensable for understanding the concept of history, culture, and society. The first is order. The question of order is indeed the fundamental question of political and social theory. Social life and collective organization requires some sort of order regulating the behaviour of individuals in society. Order is a fundamental condition for the possibility of society. Bah’u’llh says that human beings have been created noble and so they are not inherently violent or selfish.

Speaking about the social and political approach to the establishment of order in society, he says: “In truth, religion is a radiant light and an impregnable stronghold for the protection and welfare of the peoples of the world, for the fear of God impels man to hold fast to that which is good, and shuns all evil. Should the lamp of religion be obscured, chaos and confusion will ensue, and the lights of fairness and justice, of tranquility and peace cease to shine.” Religion should be a cause of spiritual and social advancement and the progress of humanity.

The Baha’i view is that very decade has its own problems and needs, and, therefore, religious teachings should also be renewed in each new stage of human cultural advancement. The will of God is in accordance with this dynamic advancement of the human journey toward an ever increasing unity and progress. Hence, importance is given to progressive revelation. Social order should be guided by religious teachings and divine guidance, but the teachings of religion should itself be renewed by a new revelation, which would correspond to the conditions and needs of humanity in its new stage of development.

Order and progress go together. Religion becomes a dynamic and not reactionary force. Since society and culture are dynamic phenomena, and because the form of spirituality, culture, and social order should correspond with the stage of development of humanity, the present social order must assume a global character. Any solution to problems confronting humanity is dependent on the adoption of a global approach and method of problem solving. Nationalistic and militaristic solutions are inadequate for solving the fundamental challenges we face today.

We need to be aware of our interdependent connectedness. Baha’is affirms three principles for the regeneration of a just and advancing social order. Material and spiritual culture should be harmonised. Both material and spiritual aspects of culture should be dynamic and progressive, corresponding with the stage of human development and the concrete needs of humanity at each stage of its civilization.


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