Brother of alleged Keirao rape victim hits out at fact finding committee


IMPHAL July 18: Hitting out on the formation of the so-called fact finding committee to determine the truth behind the alleged rape of a 14 year old girl without any representation from the victim’s family, the brother of the victim Shahid Ali called a press conference at the Manipur Press Club this afternoon.

Furthermore, hinting at the involvement of one MI Khan in the formation of the committee who he described as a relative of one of the accused, he has maintained that the people need to review the committee’s credibility.

Further speaking at the conference which also attended by some locals of Keirao, he informed that several pamphlets targeted against the victim with malicious allegations were put out yesterday at around 4pm at Keirao Mang Makha Leikai.

He also added that the credential of the pamphlets is questionable as no definite concrete details were mentioned.

He further alleged the accused and their parties of framing allegations against the victim who has already been traumatized by the incident

On the allegation charged by one Nazir which was reported in various dailies of the state on July 18, wherein he had claimed that the brother of the victim had threatened him with his life if he didn’t walk out from a meeting held at the locality on July 16 regarding the alleged rape case, Ali clarified that such allegation is totally baseless and false.

Later, he opined that the issue should be brought to the notice of various civil organizations of the state to bring out the genuine facts and bring those involved in the crime to justice.

Meanwhile a woman who was present at the  conference while identifying herself as president of the AMADA Keirao unit further charged that she alongwith others of the locality was called at the residence of MI Khan yesterday for a meeting regarding the issue.

She further charged that on reaching the residence of MI Khan she was mistreated by his wife alleging that she had instigated the locals to burn down of the houses of the two alleged accused in the case and that she was further roughened up by two woman accomplice of MI Khan.

She further clarified that as the president of AMADA she had no role in instigating the public that led to the burning down of the two houses on the evening of July 16.


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