Business prospects of `Sunday Market` now at stake


By Gautam Sharma
IMPHAL, July 24: The “Sunday Market” which is popular amongst youths for its wide range of second hand apparels is on the verge of decline due to recent state government’s order to drive out street vendors’ from the heart of Khwairamband Bazar.

Another factor for this decline is the inflow of cheap first hand apparels to the state through Myanmar. This phenomenon has caused a threatening to the people who earn their livelihood by selling secondhand clothes during Sunday.

One Sunil, from Kongpal, who was selling second hand clothing inside the campus of Manipur Public Library, stated that their business is tremendously declining. He added, he has been in this business for past couple of years but the earning had drastically low comparing with past years. He added that he is thinking to change his business of Sunday market but the challenging part is the investment needed to ventures a new business. He said, as for past when market was in flourishing stage he sells the products by taking the clothing in credit from second hands shops and he repaid after his sales are made. He further added that it is very risky to take in credit these days because the quantum of sales is drastically low. Beside this, they are not exposed to customers since after the government drive to resist sitting the way side of markets places.

One shopkeeper who was previously selling second hand clothing which now replaced by first hand, in Liema shopping ground floor, has expressed that people buy second hand clothing for its cost effectiveness, quality plus its cheapness in prices comparing with other first hand clothing’s. He then added that selling second hand doesn’t yield much dividend now as the prices of second hand clothing had immensely surged due to many road taxes imposed between Dimapur to Imphal. He then said that the cost of second hand is higher than those first hand clothing made in Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

An elderly man who turn up to the ground floor of Leima Shopping to buy some second hand clothing for him has express that he could not find much shops selling the second hand, and also the products selling inside are all for young age groups like T-shirt, Jeans, Caps, Shoes etc.


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